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Cancel Spectrum Service

How Do I Change or Cancel Spectrum Service?

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So you have subscribed to one of Spectrum’s plans and now want to make some adjustments? Whether you want to change or cancel Spectrum service, get all the information first.

How to Cancel Spectrum Service

Have you performed an Internet speed test and you are not happy with the Mbps you are getting from your current bundle? It could be this or any other reason a customer wishes to cancel their service. Regardless of the cause, these are the steps for cancellation:

Step 1: Call Spectrum Customer Service

Call at 1-800 number for Spectrum to speak to the right person. First, you will be greeted by a robot menu. From there, choose from the service that concerns you.

Step 2: Have Your Excuse Ready

You can just call them and say hey, I want to cancel my service. The representatives always ask why you want to cancel the service. Therefore, you will need a solid excuse.

The easiest excuse is to let them know you are moving. However, make sure you pick a location where Spectrum services are not available. That’s the only way you will get away with it.

Step 3: Bet Firm yet Friendly

Spectrum doesn’t let go of its customers that easily. The representative will try their best to keep you on board. Additionally, they will ask you a lot of questions. Don’t fret, just answer the questions confidently. It’s part of the process so try not to let it frustrate you.

Show your best manners. Remain as friendly as you can as this will ensure the representative keeps cooperating with you.

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Step 4: Find Out How to Return the Equipment

If your package provided equipment such as a modem, router, or Spectrum digital receiver, you have to return it.

Ask the representative about the procedure for returning the equipment. If you fail to do so, the company will charge you a hefty price for the equipment.

Step 5: Confirm Cancellation

Once you are done with the above-mentioned steps, it is not the end. You need to confirm the cancellation. Call them again to confirm if your service has been canceled successfully. Also, ask them if there is any outstanding balance that you need to pay.

Note: All disconnect requests require 30 days notification (at minimum) along with a written acknowledgment from Spectrum before they process your request to cancel the service.

Spectrum’s New Cancellation Policy

Before you cancel Spectrum service, it’s important to make yourself familiar with the cancelation policy of Spectrum. It has been upgraded recently.

As per the new policy effective on or after June 23, 2019, Spectrum will no longer provide pro-rata credit for the services that are sold monthly if they are canceled before the end of the current bill month.

How Does The Change Effect The Existing Spectrum Customers?

Before this policy, customers of Spectrum Internet were allowed to cancel their service at any time without any consequences. Now, it’s best if customers wait until the end of the billing month to cancel the services to avoid paying charges for the package even though they are not using it.

If you are canceling your service due to relocation, you will have to bite the bullet and pay the rest of the bill no matter what. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions.

Cancel Spectrum Service

How to Change Spectrum Service

Whether you want to upgrade your TV package, transfer or move your service, all this comes under making changes to your Spectrum account. Let’s take a deeper look at each:

Moving your Service

Call 888-812-2591 to talk to a representative about moving your service. All they will need is your new address to transfer your Spectrum TV, Internet, and voice services.

Adding TV Channels, Packages, or Service

You can upgrade or downgrade your Spectrum packages (TV, Voice, or Internet) by reaching out to a representative at 888-812-2591.

Service Holds

Spectrum allows part-time residents to put their Spectrum TV, Internet, and Voice services on hold without canceling and reinstalling the service. To avail of this service, you must be eligible to place your account in seasonal status. They charge a minimum monthly fee for putting your account on hold.

Transferring Account and Name Change

You can also transfer your Spectrum account to another party. Or, you can have the name of your account changed if your name is spelled incorrectly, the account owner has been deceased, or because of a legal name change.


Those who have done their homework will find it easy to change or cancel Spectrum service. The process might require you to follow some protocol but it’s totally normal.

If you have decided to cancel the service mid-month, you have no choice but to pay the remaining bill till the end of the billing month. Make sure you follow all the steps and call customer service again to confirm your cancellation. This is mandatory.


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