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Best Spectrum Plans

Everything You Must Know About the Best Spectrum Plans

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If you are thinking about subscribing to Charter TV, Internet or phone services, you are reading the right thing. While this provider offers a range of TV packages and the best Internet plans for users to choose from, not all of them might fulfill your needs.

Therefore, it is very important to determine your needs and know about all the top features. Doing so can allow you to make an informed choice that will suit both your needs and budget. Read on to know more about this company and its popular plans.

About Charter Spectrum

This company is one of the most popular providers of cable services across the USA. It is currently offering Spectrum Internet, TV, and voice packages across 44 USA states. It uses a powerful coaxial and fiber infrastructure to do so. Because of its quality service, the provider has about 102.7 residential and business subscribers as of now. Customers trust this provider because of its reliable and affordable services. Also, the outage issues are few and far between.

Charter Bundling Options

If you want to enjoy reliable services while staying on a budget, this provider is the right choice for you. It offers a variety of affordable Spectrum packages and bundles. Depending upon your needs, you can choose either the Internet, TV, or Internet TV and Phone plans.

If you want only TV and phone services or phone and Internet services, then you can choose the Internet and TV option. If you want to enjoy all three services, then you can choose any one of the Internet TV and Phone plans depending upon your lifestyle needs. The best part about choosing a bundle is that you’ll get free equipment and all the perks that you get by subscribing to a regular package.

The Best Spectrum Plans You Can Choose From

This provider offers a wide range of TV, phone and Internet packages. All of these are offered at promotional prices for 12 months. However, after one year, the Spectrum internet price can go up significantly.

Internet Plans

The best part about this provider’s Internet services is that they are offered at affordable rates. Also, because the network infrastructure is quite strong, you won’t have to worry about outage issues. Besides that, you can also enjoy quality Internet services on your mobile by subscribing to Spectrum mobile plans. The top Internet packages offered by this company are:

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Internet Plan Download Speeds (in Mbps) Price/month
Internet Only 100 $49.99
Internet Ultra 400 $69.99
Internet Gig 940 $109.99

Besides these, this provider also offers an Internet assist plan for low-income households. This plan can allow families to enjoy up to 30 Mbps speeds at an affordable price of only $14.99 per month. Also depending upon your location, the actual speeds can vary.

Which Plan Should You Choose?

If you live alone, then the Internet-Only plan is the perfect choice for you. This can allow you to stream unlimited movies without any interruptions. But if you have 3-4 members in your house, then it is better to subscribe to Internet Ultra. The speeds won’t get slow and you won’t experience network congestion with this plan. If you have a very big household, then you should subscribe to Internet Gig instead.


By subscribing to the best Spectrum plans, you can enjoy a range of amazing features. Some of the most celebrated ones are:

Free Equipment

All plans by this provider come with free equipment. So, you just have to take care of the monthly bill. You’ll get a brand-new modem free of cost. ( To keep your device protected, this provider will also offer you a free antivirus. If, however, you want to have a Wi-Fi service at home, then you’ll have to rent or buy the router.

No Data Caps

The best part about this provider’s Internet plans is that there are no data caps. So, you can stream your favorite shows and movies without any worry.

No Early Termination Fees

If you move to a new location or can no longer afford the service, you can cancel it at any time. The provider won’t ask you to pay additional fees for early termination. However, if you forget to pay your bills within due time, you’ll be charged $8.95.

Installation and Activation

To get this provider’s Internet service installed at your home, you’ll have to pay $49.99. On top of that, to activate this service, you’ll have to pay an additional amount of $9.99. If, however, you want to reduce costs, then you can opt for the self-install option. It will only cost you around $9.99.

TV Plans

Spectrum TV packages allow you to stream your favorite movie, news, sports, and lifestyle channels in HD. Depending upon your location, you can also enjoy a wide range of popular local channels. The top TV package offered by this company are:

TV Packages Number of Channels Price/month
TV Select More than 125 $59.99
TV Silver More than 175 $74.99
TV Gold More than 200 $94.99

Which TV Package Is Right for You?

If you watch TV for regular sports, news, and movie channels, then TV Select is the right choice for you. You can add premium channels like HBO and SHOWTIME to your package for a minimal price. If you want to enjoy a few premium channels as well, then you should opt for TV Silver. And if you want your package to include all popular and premium channels, then you should choose TV Gold.


Along with these best Spectrum plans, the provider offers its customers several perks and other features. Some of these are:

Free App

With each package, you’ll get a free TV app. You can download this app from the Play Store or Charter’s official website. This app will allow you to stream your favorite content anytime and anywhere on your device.

On-Demand Library

With each TV plan, this provider offers a huge on-demand library. So, whenever you want to watch classic TV series or the latest Oscar winners, you can find them easily in the library.

Installation Fees

To install this provider’s TV service at your home, you’ll have to pay $49.99. unfortunately, for this provider’s TV services, there is no self-installation option. Also, if you subscribe to a sports add-on, then you’ll have to pay a regional sports fee as well.

Voice Plans

By subscribing to this provider’s voice plans, you can enjoy unlimited calls with your loved ones the whole day long. You’ll just have to pay a minimal amount of $9.99 per month. This means that there are no hidden costs of Spectrum voice plans. You’ll also be able to enjoy advanced phone features like blocking and voicemail.


The prices/offers mentioned in this article are only accurate at the time of publication and are subject to change without any prior notice. Please visit the relevant websites for verification before making a purchase.

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