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Rural Internet Providers

Best Rural Internet Providers – What Are Your Options In 2020?

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Rural Internet options may be limited but leading providers are catering to the audience living in rural areas and suburbs. You will still find pretty decent Internet providers in your area. This guide introduces you to some of the best service providers:

What Are Your Options in Rural Internet?

Compared to urban areas, you will keep hearing rural areas have fewer Internet options. While you may not have access to Spectrum Internet or other fiber optic providers, things have improved gradually. Here are some options:


It’s a widespread option to access Internet services in remote areas. The prerequisites include a satellite dish and a clear view of the sky. The only drawback of satellite Internet is a higher latency rate.


The second option is DSL Internet. It’s a traditional form of creating a connection. A Telephone line must be installed to hook up DSL. You should be able to get a decent speed with this option.

Fixed Wireless

It’s a new technology and it’s less costly than a satellite. The speed is commendable though. An antenna is to be installed to catch signals. The speed depends on how close you are to a cellular tower.


This type of connection is recommended for those who have moderate Internet usage. It’s a fairly cheap form of connection but it’s obsolete. It doesn’t promise high-speed connectivity.

Internet Providers

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5 Best Rural Internet Providers

So what are your options in rural Internet? We have listed for you 5 leading providers:

  1. HughesNet
  2. Viasat
  3. AT&T DSL
  4. CenturyLink
  5. AT&T Fixed

Let’s learn more about the plans, speed, and pricing offered by these providers:

1: HughesNet Internet Plans and Prices

HughesNet is known in the USA for its extensive satellite coverage. Its plans cover the needs of every household. All plans have the same speed which is 25 Mbps. The pricing, however, varies and so does the data limit.

An advantage is that each Internet plan has a bonus zone data feature. You get 50 GB data from 2 am to 8 am. This is the perfect time to download music, movies, and games.

The table below shows HughesNet Internet plans and prices:

Plans Download Speed Starting Price
10 GB Up to 25 Mbps $59.99 per month
20 GB Up to 25 Mbps $69.99 per month
30 GB Up to 25 Mbps $99.99 per month
50 GB Up to 25 Mbps $149.99 per month

A good thing is there are no hard data cap limits. However, if you exceed your monthly plan, your speed will be reduced until your next billing cycle.

You will have to mount a dish on your roof to receive satellite signals. Subscribers can either lease the equipment or purchase it upfront. You sign a 2-year contract at the time of subscribing. You may decide to cancel within 90 days. Other than that, they have a $400 early termination fee.

2: Viasat Internet Plans and Prices

Next on the list is Viasat. Formerly known as Exede, it’s the 2n largest provider of satellite internet. Bundled services with the phone are available to make your internet plan more affordable. The provider does not offer TV.

Its liberty Internet plan starts at the 12 Mbps but each has a different data limit. The provider’s unlimited plans are most admired because don’t have data limitations.

Take a closer look at Viasat Internet plans and prices to find out what’s best as per your lifestyle:

Plans Download Speed Starting Price
Liberty 12 Up to 12 Mbps $30.00 per month
Liberty 25 Up to 12 Mbps $50.00 per month
Liberty 50 Up to 12 Mbps $75.00 per month
Unlimited Silver 25 Up to 25 Mbps $70.00 per month
Unlimited Gold 30 Up to 30 Mbps $100.00 per month
Unlimited Gold 50 Up to 50 Mbps $100.00 per month
Unlimited Platinum 100 Up to 100 Mbps $150.00 per month

The liberty plans have data caps limit. Once you exceed the limit, you will experience slow speed. During peak hours, internet access may not be available at all.

You must sign a 2-year contract at the time of signing up. If you terminate the contract, a $15 per month or each remaining month must be paid as an early termination fee. You may also pay $300 outright but this option is available in limited areas only.

3:  AT&T DSL Internet Prices and Plans

For those with moderate Internet needs, AT&T’s DSL plan would work for you. AT&T is the largest supplier of DSL Internet in the country hence it’s widely available. The provider promises fast speed even during peak hours. You may also stream on multiple devices with its DSL connection.

You must have a phone service to connect your home to the DSL internet. Unlike traditional dial-up internet, when while you are connected to the DSL, you can continue making phone calls.

Let’s move on to AT&T DSL Internet Prices and Plans:

Plan Download Speed Starting Price
DSL plan Up to 100 Mbps $49.99 per month

This is the only DSL plan available. Standard data caps with most plans is 1 TB. You can also purchase 50 GB of additional data at $10.

To subscribe you must sign a contract agreement between 12 to 24 months. An early termination fee of $180 applies.

4: CenturyLink DSL Internet Plans

CenturyLink offers copper, fiber, DSL, and fixed wireless Internet connections. Since you are looking for rural Internet providers, we will stick to its DSL plan. It’s available in 39 states. The provider has low monthly plans with varying internet speeds.

Here’s more about the CenturyLink DSL Internet Plans:

Plan Download Speed Starting Price
Price for Life Up to 20 Mbps $49.00 per month

Price for Life plan is perfect for HD streaming, working from home, shopping online, and other online activities. It also allows you to connect multiple devices and use the Internet at the same time.

The plan has 1TB of data caps but the provider does not charge for data overage. The best part about CenturyLink is their starting price remains the same until the life of the contract. Additionally, all of their plans are contract-free. You are free to terminate the services anytime you like without paying any fee.

5: AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet Plans

AT&T also offers fixed wireless Internet along with Fiber and DSL connection and 5G technology.  This plan is perfect for those rural areas where satellite signals are not available.

With AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet Plans, enjoy surfing, downloading, and streaming with confidence. You may choose their standalone fixed wireless plan or bundle it with DirecTV.

Plan Download Speed Starting Price
Fixed wireless Internet Plan Up to 25 Mbps $50.00 per month

A fixed wireless plan lets you can connect multiple devices at the same time using WiFi networks interfere. You will get 250 GB per month of data and overage charges apply. The service requires 1 year of a contract agreement.

How to Choose the Right Rural Internet Provider?

Now that you are aware of the top names in rural Internet providers, the question arises, how to pick the one that fits your lifestyle well. Your decision may be affected by certain factors such as:


The speed you sign up for depends on your lifestyle. You do not always have to sign up for the highest speed tier by your favorite provider. Most users find 25 Mbps enough. This speed is perfect for streaming videos, playing online games, browsing, using social media, sending emails, etc.


Unfortunately, rural Internet options are expensive but you can control the cost. Don’t go for unlimited data plans unless you really need more GBs per month.

Keep an outlook for price hikes. Most providers have lower introductory prices which increase after the first year of service. Go through the terms and conditions of the provider before sealing the deal.

Data Limits

Data caps are a real mood killer. If you enjoy streaming movies and TV shows, this might be a big concern for you. That doesn’t mean you choose unlimited data plans.

Simply watch out for speed and check the data caps associated with each plan. Mind your Internet usage and make sure you stick to the bandwidth provided.


Last but not the least, you pick those rural internet providers that operate in your area. Most rural areas don’t have access to broadband internet. They are only left with DSL or satellite options.

Fixed wireless Internet may or may not be available in your area. Fortunately, situations have improved a lot and you don’t have to compromise on speed. In the future, there is a possibility that you will have access to better plans by more internet providers. Who knows maybe Verizon Internet starts covering your area! Meanwhile, do the due diligence to find out if the provider you like operates in your area.


From the above-mentioned list of rural internet providers, carefully choose the one that blends with your lifestyle and budget. Sometimes, prices may vary from one area to another. Take into account factors such as speed, pricing, availability and data caps to settle for the provider you like the best.

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