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How Prepared Are ISPs to Handle the Increase in Demand

Can ISPs Handle Rise in Demand During COVID-19 Pandemic?

To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak, many companies around the world have opted for the work from home option. Similarly, the majority of the educational institutions have closed down and students are expected to continue their studies through online classes. The Internet plans you monthly subscribe to might be enough to provide you a reliable and high-speed service in normal circumstances. But during coronavirus pandemic, everyone’s zoom meetings, heavy ...

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The Era of 5G has Come

5G Technology – Time to Rule the World of the Internet

The era of 5G has come! Abbreviated as 5G, this fifth-generation is going to introduce mind-blowing speeds. With this massive technology shift, the tech-savvy world is welcoming a huge upgrade for the data users of smartphones. These upgrades happen once in decades. This groundbreaking transition is not specified for smartphones only. It is also going to impact many other devices. Some instances are security cameras, industrial robots, cars, and drones. One ...

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TV Is Actually Perfect for Family Bonding

How TV Is Actually Perfect for Family Bonding

Hasn’t technology changed our modes of entertainment! The addiction to personalized streaming is rampant. Netflix and Hulu binging is not only destroying our sleep schedules but is also not giving us a chance to spend some quality time with our families over a nice TV show like we used to. Every modern house has a steady subscription to one of the Spectrum TV packages or some other cable TV provider’s plan ...

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