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Streaming Sticks

Best Streaming Sticks to Convert your Regular TV into a Smart TV

Visual mediums of entertainment have always been our main guilty pleasure to enjoy. This can be seen in the form of Cable Television, Cinema, Sitcoms, Live TV like sports or news, and most recently streaming. These are the core components and mediums that make up the visual entertainment industry of today. Out of all these platforms, streaming is the medium that is gaining rapid traction among homes of regular US consumers ...

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Best Streaming Devices

The Best Streaming Devices in 2022

There’s nothing like watching your favorite show on a smart TV while sitting on your cozy couch sipping on some latte. But lately, people no longer want to resort to just cable TV. They want something more! Here come the streaming devices! As you know different OTT services such as Disney Plus, HBO Max, and Netflix have all gained major popularity. Hence, it makes sense to invest in a streaming device ...

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Spectrum vs WOW

Spectrum vs WOW Internet Services: Which One’s The Best?

When it comes to internet services, Spectrum and WOW are top providers. They are the biggest internet and cable companies in America delivering hybrid cable and fiber optic internet with a download speed starting from 100 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. Each provider has its own perks therefore, a Spectrum vs WOW comparison will help you see the bigger picture and see which provider is superior when it comes to meeting ...

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Spectrum vs Mediacom

The Ultimate Comparison of Spectrum vs Mediacom

The internet has become an absolute necessity for everyone. Spectrum vs Mediacom and many internet service providers are aware of this. Thus, they tend to introduce attractive deals to catch the attention of people. Considering how many ISPs there are in the market, it’s not easy to search for the best provider. This is because every company vows to deliver excellent service. So, the decision-making process can become a bit ...

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Spectrum vs Xfinity

All You Need to Know About Spectrum vs Xfinity

Cable internet is one of the most reliable and fastest connections after fiber optic. However, most areas in the USA still don’t have access to fiber. Therefore, cable internet is the most popular choice. There are many cable ISPs but the biggest rivalry might be Spectrum vs Xfinity. The Charter and Comcast subsidiaries are widely available throughout the country and many users trust their services. There are many differentiating factors between ...

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Wave TV

All You Need to Know About Wave TV

One of the most popular sources of entertainment today is TV. A large number of people use this medium to watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, and reality TV. As a result of growing platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, the popularity of such content is only increasing. In this context, Wave TV allows customers to watch popular broadcast and cable TV networks.  In addition to this, you can also ...

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Xfinity Router and DNS Change

Xfinity Router and DNS Change in 2022 A Comprehensive Guide

Router settings can be a bit too complicated for many people. There is so much that you should know before you alter the settings as you could disrupt the internet connection. Especially if you have an Xfinity router and want to change the DNS settings. This guide can help you change your router’s DNS without compromising your internet connection, speed, and quality. The Xfinity modem router combo doesn’t make it easy ...

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Everything You Need to Know About TDS TV

TDS Telecom offers one of the most reliable phone, TV, and internet services in the country. You can trust the provider as they not only have exceptional services but also great customer service. So, whether you want TV packages for sports or an entertainment bundle for the entire family. You can get the TDS TV plan that suits your needs. It has never been easier to find the best service for ...

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Wave Internet

Is Wave Internet Worth It?

When it comes to award-winning internet services, Wave Internet is taking the lead. Astound Broadband by Wave is delivering up to 940 Mbps of internet speed across the west coast. Apart from offering broadband internet services, it also offers cable TV, and phone services, which can be purchased separately or as a package. The company's internet service is frequently praised for its dependability, and it has received numerous accolades for its ...

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