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Spectrum IPv6

How to Set Up Spectrum IPv6?

IPv6 is the latest internet protocol after IPv4, which uses a 32-bit addressing scheme for supporting 4.3 billion devices (which apparently wasn’t enough). the growth of the internet and expansion of IoT proved the world needed more addresses and so IPv6 was born. Like MiFi, it’s a new kid on the block (not that new, though) that slowly getting fame. This protocol is capable of handling data packages much efficiently with ...

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Verizon vs T-Mobile

Verizon vs T-Mobile: Which Carrier to Choose?

T-Mobile and Verizon are two of the country's largest cellular operators. Both companies provide great unlimited phone plans with plenty of internet bandwidth, fast speeds, and 5G connectivity. Deciding which provider to choose is overwhelming which is why we have brought you the Verizon vs T-Mobile comparison. Let’s examine the difference between the two to help you decide which plan would suit your needs best. Verizon vs T-Mobile Comparison When it comes to ...

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Internet During Bad Weather

How to Stay Connected to the Internet During Bad Weather

Bad weather conditions can affect your internet connection. Your internet connection may act up during rainy or stormy days. Even broadband connections powered by Spectrum internet plans can give you problems on a cloudy day or during a thunderstorm. Some internet connections are more vulnerable to wild weather than others. Internet connections aren’t your regular pieces of equipment. They are much more complicated than the cables and routers you have in your home. ...

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Frontier vs Spectrum

Frontier vs Spectrum: Packages and Price Comparison

Relocating to a new place can be challenging. For starters, you have to organize the whole place. Then there’s the task of finding a new internet service provider. Thanks to tech advancements, you can choose from a variety of ISPs. That means you’ll have to look into different aspects of the Frontier vs Spectrum debate. Both Frontier vs Spectrum are among the top ISPs in the United States. There’s no denying ...

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Spanish Content on TV Freepik Company S.L. -

Top 3 Ways to Access Spanish Content on TV 

Today, there are a large number of entertainment sources available. You’ll find thousands of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and dramas available online and on cable TV. With greater access to deals like Spectrum TV packages, viewers can now watch content that is more diverse and extensive. However, most content exists in English. As with most matters, it is generally assumed that the main audiences are Western. This leads to fewer ...

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Here’s Why You Should Get MiFi 

It’s hard to imagine a world without the internet. There’s no denying that. Most of us depend on the internet in our daily lives. The widespread availability of mobile internet means that we can use the internet on the go. However, there might be instances where one cannot find an active internet connection. Don’t worry because MiFi has got you covered. What Is MiFi? If you haven’t heard about this extraordinary device, you ...

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Paramount Plus

What Plans and Shows Are Available on Paramount Plus?

There are so many streaming services like HBO, Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ that it can be hard to choose between them. Previously, CBS All Access was also one of them. But now, the company has rebranded it to Paramount Plus. The older CBS streaming website didn’t have a lot of entertainment options with limited availability of shows. Now it offers a much better variety of shows. It includes over 30,000 ...

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encrypt your email

Everything You Need to Know About How to Encrypt Your Email

Almost all your online activities are monitored in one way or another. Every link you click on and every webpage you visit is data that some company is collecting. So, thinking about online privacy and security might be the need of the hour. Governments and cybercriminals are out to get your data to their advantage. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t take any precautions. If you encrypt your email, use a VPN and get yourself ...

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Internet Plans and Discounts for Seniors

Best Internet Plans and Discounts for Seniors

The current world is deeply dependent on the internet. In fact, it’s hard to imagine life without this tool. Important sectors related to health and education are completely reliant on it for both survival and progress. However, many people don’t associate senior citizens with the internet. While the younger demographic tends to lean more towards technology, most older groups also consume the internet. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind their needs and requirements ...

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