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Affordable Connectivity Program

Affordable Connectivity Program

No access to the internet has been a major concern and a cause of a digital divide among different classes in the United States. To counter this problem and make the internet accessible to the masses, the government has launched an Affordable Connectivity Program. This initiative is aimed at helping low-income households get internet access at discounted prices. Eligible users can choose from suitable participating Internet providers and get a ...

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Best Streaming Devices

The Best Streaming Devices in 2023

There’s nothing like watching your favorite show on a smart TV while sitting on your cozy couch sipping on some latte. But lately, people no longer want to resort to just cable TV. They want something more! Here come the streaming devices! As you know different OTT services such as Disney Plus, HBO Max, and Netflix have all gained major popularity. Hence, it makes sense to invest in a streaming device ...

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Suddenlink Internet Services

Plans and Bundle Offer Details for Suddenlink Internet Services 2023

Choosing an internet connection can be difficult because of the plethora of choices we have. ISPs offer a range of different plans based on speed and bandwidth. So, in order to get what you want, you need to understand your own needs first. You don’t want to end up with an internet connection that is too expensive or doesn’t even fulfill your speed requirements. If you are planning to get ...

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Spectrum One

What Is Spectrum One Offer and How Good It Is?

Spectrum is one of the front runners when it comes to offering fast and dependable internet to customers. The company covers a massive region with its internet and mobile services across the US. An advantage Charter Spectrum customers have over other ISPs is that both phone and internet are quality services and worth adopting. Also, both these services are cost-effective and don’t burden the customers. Now with Spectrum One deal, customers ...

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Metronet TV

Metronet TV Latest Package Details and Pricing 2023

If you are looking for an IPTV service that offers a 100% fiber-optic stream, you have come to the right place. With Metronet TV, you can get streamlined service, amazing content, TV EVERYWHERE, and so much more. All that at affordable prices and with packages that are customizable according to your needs. So, you can add on premium channels or watch your favorite TV shows on-demand. The provider has your back ...

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Xfinity Router and DNS Change

Xfinity Router and DNS Change in 2023 A Comprehensive Guide

Router settings can be a bit too complicated for many people. There is so much that you should know before you alter the settings as you could disrupt the internet connection. Especially if you have an Xfinity router and want to change the DNS settings. This guide can help you change your router’s DNS without compromising your internet connection, speed, and quality. The Xfinity modem router combo doesn’t make it easy ...

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Rise Broadband Internet Plans

How Good are Plans and Services by Rise Broadband? 

In metropolitan cities, it is easier to get fast and dependable internet connections. It is because most major internet service providers work in those zones. But the same cannot be said about rural and less inhabited areas. In these regions, Rise broadband internet plans are more successful in the absence of DSL and satellite internet. When you need internet in rural areas, fixed wireless service by Rise Broadband offers solid signal ...

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Spectrum Back to School

Spectrum Back to School Has the Best Offers on the Block

With schools set to reopen after the summer, life may learn to continue with or without the coronavirus. Of course, that is not to understate the disruptive effect the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the country. People are still trying to avoid going outside unnecessarily. Of course, when schools and universities reopen, most of them will continue the remote learning model. Meaning students will depend on reliable internet services at ...

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Fox News

Why is my Fox News Not Working on Spectrum Cable?

New channels are like staple cable content for TV subscribers. Households in America let news fade into the background even if they are not actively listening. One of America’s favorite channels is Fox News, which is why subscribers wishing to sign up for Spectrum TV packages always demand this channel. America's #1 cable news network doesn’t disappoint you when it comes to delivering news, offering insightful analysis and other news-worthy content. ...

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