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AT&T Fiber Internet

AT&T Fiber Internet Plans, Pricing, and Availability

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Looking for reliable and super-fast internet service? AT&T Fiber Internet offers whopping speeds and glitch-free service even in peak hours. With a stable subscription to its fiber internet, you will change the way you work, seek entertainment, and play.

AT&T offers 1 Gig or 1000 Mbps of internet speeds with its fiber-optic service. Once you invest in this reliable connectivity solution, you will ensure a blazing fast network to support all your online activities on multiple internet-based devices in the house. Let’s figure out all the details.

You Can Count on AT&T Fiber Internet

With AT&T fiber internet, you get to experience consistent, fast speeds, no throttling, and no data caps. The connection is based on a wired connection to the gateway. The fiber-optic service ensures blazing speeds. This means that your network will not choke even in peak hours and you get to enjoy the same quality speeds.

Moreover, the superfast 1 Gig is enough to power a whole home’s devices simultaneously. You get to enjoy turbocharge file sharing with speeds 20x faster compared to cable internet. Furthermore, you get to enjoy:

Reliable Connection

Consistent high-speeds up to 99% reliability. With an advertised 1 Gig of internet speeds, you get no less than 940 Mbps at any given time. With this speed assurance, you can rely on your connection for crucial tasks, work from home, and more.

Online Activities

You get whopping speeds to indulge in binge-streaming, incessant gaming, and for downloading sprees. With no throttling, speed lags, and interruptions, you get to enjoy all your online activities like surfing, video-calling, file sharing, and so on with peace of mind.

Smart Home Manager App

This innovative app has been introduced to facilitate the customers when they are on the go. You can manage your Wi-Fi and all your connected devices using this app.

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Moreover, being an AT&T customer, you get free access to the Smart Home Manager along with a compatible Wi-Fi gateway. This facility is limited to the home Wi-Fi networks.

Maximize the Wi-Fi

With an AT&T Fiber Optic Smart Wi-Fi connection, you get to experience seamless, whole-home wireless connectivity. As mentioned already, you will need a compatible gateway. Moreover, to ensure whole-home wireless connectivity, you may require Smart Wi-Fi Extenders by the provider.

No Data Caps

Your family members can enjoy their binge-streaming, gaming sprees, and downloading games to the fullest because you don’t have to worry about reaching your data limit. There are no data volume restrictions and you get to use as much internet as you want for the entire month.

Moreover, this means no throttling and frustrating lags. So, surf and stream to your heart’s content without any interruptions and speed lags.

Streaming on Multiple Devices Simultaneously

Do you hail from an entertainment-loving family with separate gadgets to enjoy their preferred entertainment? No worries! Because with 1 Gig speeds, you can even invite guests to use your WiFi and no one will experience any lags.

Unleash New Possibilities with AT&T Fiber Optic

Take your online game to the next level and indulge in a new and improved online experience.

Connect Around the Home

Get all your smart devices synced to consistent and fast speeds. Your entire family can go online on multiple gadgets and no one will face any lags.

Binge-Stream Music and Videos

Now that every connected user has access to unlimited data, enjoy streaming your favorite shows, movies, and music in crisp HD or 4K Ultra HD. The 100% fiber network will give you a glitch-free and smooth video-viewing experience.

Elevate Your Game

Brace yourselves for the next-level excitement and adrenaline rush for your intense gaming sessions. Stay ahead of the competition because your internet is on point. No lags and interruptions while you play your next move in the game.

Moreover, with the ping rate under 11 milliseconds, you enjoy smoother gameplay. Win the game every day because your internet speeds give you an edge!

Simultaneous Streaming Sprees

You can stream simultaneously on more than 12 devices. Furthermore, all of them in crisp HD and no buffering delays!

Downloading and Uploading Game Strong

With access to blazing speeds, you get to download and upload videos and movies within seconds.

Affordable AT&T Fiber Price

Indulge in more binging and less buffering with 1000 Mbps of speeds by a 100% fiber network. Your whole bunch of devices will have plenty of bandwidth for all sorts of online activities.

Moreover, you don’t have any data volume restrictions. All of this at a fixed AT&T fiber price of $49.99 a month! The quoted price is quite economical considering the many benefits you get to enjoy with a 100% fiber-optic network.

Installation Fees

Self-installation is no easy feat and not everyone can pull it off. Therefore, relying on a pro technician is your option. The provider charges you a one-time installation fee of $99.

In addition, if you are tech-savvy and can install it yourself, the provider will ship your router/modem to your location. And you will only be charged an activation fee of $35. That’s actually quite affordable!

Equipment Fees

The provider offers the Wi-Fi gateway modem/router combo without any charges. You don’t have to rent or purchase a router and you also don’t need to own one. Just avail of the self-installation option and have it shipped on your doorstep in a matter of days.

AT&T Fiber Speeds for Streaming, & Downloading

1-Gig is advertised as a whopping internet speed. But how fast is it really? To get a quick idea about the performance and speeds, here are a few facts:

  • A 4-minute HD video takes 1 second to upload.
  • It takes 1 second for 10 photos to upload.
  • You can download 25 songs in about 1 second.
  • It takes 34 seconds to download a 90-minute long HD movie.
  • You can download a TV show in less than 4 seconds.
  • It takes 60 seconds to download a 1GB file.
  • You can stream HD videos on around 9 devices simultaneously.
  • In 4K Ultra HD, you can stream simultaneously on up to 2 devices.

Indulge in a New Streaming Experience

In addition to tons of entertainment, you also get to have HBO Max included for your streaming sprees. It is a treasure of entertainment with all of HBO’s combined and a great collection of shows, movies, Max Originals, and so much more!

The entire family will have something to binge on!

Check Out the AT&T Fiber Availability Map

AT&T fiber connections are currently available in over 21 states. As of now, the provider is focused on states in Midwest and Southern US. some of the popular serviced states are California, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and so on.

AT&T Fiber Reviews and Feedback

Compared to other ISPs, AT&T’s customer service ranks quite well in the ISP industry. We already know that customer service is a weak domain when it comes to the ISP niche. However, AT&T does quite well.

According to ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index), AT&T secures 69 out of 100. That’s not bad!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is fiber-optic Internet?

In the internet world, fiber-optic is the fastest type of internet available. It uses fiber-optic lines to transmit binary light transmissions instead of electrical transmissions used by broadband and cable internet. Fiber-optic lines constitute of minuscule strands of glass or plastic.

Is AT&T Fiber available in my area?

AT&T fiber is currently available in 21 states in the Midwestern and Southern United States. You can look up online to check the availability of AT&T in your area.

What is 1-gigabit internet?

1 Gigabit internet speeds refer to 1000 Mbps of bandwidth. That’s quite fast!

What is AT&T Fiber?

AT&T Fiber is an internet service offering up to 1 Gig internet speed. AT&T is a renowned provider and also offers DSL and broadband services.

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