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ACC Network on FiOS

What Channel is ACC Network on FiOS Frontier

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If you are a sports fanatic, then you already know about the most recent sports channel ACC Network. Fans are tuning into the channel for their dose of everything ACC. The channel has a lot to offer to the sports fans. The list of featured sports on ACC Network on FiOS includes football, basketball, and Olympics sports events.

The best part is that the channel does not discriminate based on gender when airing the sports.

Ultimate Entertainment on ACC Network on FiOS

ACC Network airs a plethora of sports events. These events include both men’s and women’s games. Subscribing to the channel means that you are signing up for the following:

  • Around 40 football games
  • Over 250 Olympics sports events
  • Almost 150 men’s and women’s basketball games

Because ESPN owns the channel, you can expect only the best from it. The fact that it launched in late August and is already a hit amongst the people is proof of that.

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In case, you would like to subscribe to the channel, the following channel lineup table will aid you in finding the channel in your state with ease.

ACC Network
State Name Channel #
Massachusetts 329
Oregon 329
New York 329
California 329

A Peek Inside the Amazing Studio

Sports enthusiasts do not just care about the game that they are watching on screen or in the stadium. But they are equally curious and interested to know about the studio details. From the types of screens that are installed in the studio to the size of monitors, everything matters when a channel airs a sports event. And everything inside the studio helps to decide the quality of screening for the event. Some details for the die-hard sports fans:

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  • 3 fully robotic Vinten camera pedestals
  • Two 98” monitors
  • 2 touchscreens
  • Teradek for the purpose of iPad talent viewing
  • Touchscreen server refreshers
  • 5 LED walls

You may think that you can tune into the NFL and watch an equally well-captured game. However, there are certain studio elements that are unique to the channel’s studio. For example, two robotic telescopic pedestals. Apart from that, built-in boxes enable the hosts to accommodate the interview set.

ACC Network on FiOS Frontier

If all this information excited you, then there is another good news for you. ACC network allows you to download the app and watch your favorite sports event even when on the go. However, you will need to subscribe to Frontier Internet or the like to be able to do that.

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What to Watch on the Channel?

If you have settled on the idea of subscribing to ACC Network, then here is your guide to what you will get to watch on the channel apart from live sports events. Obviously, if you pick a reasonable cable TV package, you can also tune into other channels like HBO and MTV.

Here are a few shows worth watching on ACC Network:

The Huddle

This is the channel’s signature show related to football. So all the football fanatics should tune into ACC Network on FiOS Friday evenings as well as Saturday mornings. You will get an update regarding the football world. The host for this studio show, Jac Collinsworth in the company of analysts Eric Mac Lain, Mark Richt, and EJ Manuel will preview for you the weekend slate of all football games.

So, even if you missed out on a game, you can always catch up on the prominent details from the games in this show.

College GameDay

At times special editions of the show air as well. These special editions are studio shows that are live from a certain city. The city gets chosen on the basis of the reigning college football team.

Packer and Durham

ACC has a total of 15 institutions. And it is upon Wes Durham and Mark Packer to take the fans across these institutions delivering news as well as commentary. Thus, updating you on everything ACC.


Another exciting studio shows that you should watch is All ACC. The hosts for the show include Kelsey Riggs, Dalen Cuff, and Jordan Cornette. The show aims at providing the fans with information regarding all of ACC’s sponsored sports. Which are 27 in number? The show airs on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights during the fall season.

Which Package to Choose?

In case you are wondering which Frontier TV package you should choose, then the good news is that all packages offer ACC Network. So that’s one worry off your list. You will get access to a plethora of other channels with the package, not just ACC. For example, you can tune into CNN when not in the mood to watch sports.


ACC Network is a valuable addition to the existing sports channels. If you pick the right Frontier bundle deal, you can relish watching the sports channel even while traveling. And you also get to save money. The channel features some of the best talk shows and sporting events.

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